Dont Hijack This

    DHT is an anti-hacker tool to fix all the damage caused by viruses.

    Hi guys, this page had gone missing for years. Finally, I decided to put it back up. Don't Hijack This was developed and tested on windows 10 originally and has not been tested on windows 11. If some of you manage to test it on a not so important computer, do let me know about it's efficacy and I hope it doesn't break your system. - November 2023

    Dont Hijack This is an anti-hacker tool to fix all the damage caused by malware. It enables the disabled windows components. It completely removes all the bots/viruses/malware infections in 35 seconds.


    • registry editing has been disabled by administrator
    • Task Manger has been disabled by your administrator
    • Windows defender is turned off by group policy
    • proxy settings hijack virus (unable to connect proxy server)
    • unable to install antivirus and antivirus killer
    • windows firewall disabled
    • action center or security center disabled.
    • safe mode hijacked and disabled
    • remove fake or rogue antivirus/anti spyware
    • Unknown viruses and worms
    • +more

    Coming soon: (but never came out because of low downloads)

    • Anti Rootkit
    • Anti Adware (improved)
    • Stealth Process Viewer


    • Repairs damage caused by malware
    • Removes adware/bots/malware
    • Restores Internet Connection
    • Anti Hacker
    • Restores windows components
    • Fixes system vulnerbilities

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